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We are Max Goldzweig and Emily Conradi, both 32 year old from London. Max’s first experience on a bicycle was flying down gravel hillsides in southern France, whilst clinging to his older brother for dear life (see left). Emily’s was on the mean streets of Surrey, under her own steam. Then came 25 years of not much cycling, during which education and a bit of work happened (television production for Max, e-Learning for Emily). Then in 2010, we hit the road for a 9 month,14000 km cycle through Europe, the Middle East and Africa (see right). We’d never done any cycling before or any wild camping, and it turned out to be the most fun we’ve ever had. The website for that trip is www.cyclingtoafrica.com.

After a couple of years saving up cash, we’re back on the road, trying to make it from London to the Far East, in one piece, using pedal power alone (with the exception of a cross channel ferry).

If you want to get in touch with us we’ll be checking our personal emails or you can reach us at cyclingtoafrica@gmail.com or use the social media links on the right.

10 thoughts on “About us

  1. Steph

    Hi Emily (and Max)

    Hope you are having an amazing time, looks like you have had lots of fun on your adventure. Still can not believe you are doing this! Emily Y and I were thinking of you recently and she said she had found your blog, so i wanted to find it too. And now i have – hooray!

    take it easy (well as easy as you can riding a bike all day!)

    Love Steph xxx

  2. Kristian Benoit

    Hi friends, nice to see you are on the road again. You guys are inspiring !

    I Just came back from a month and a half trip with my girlfriend and our little 8 months daughter. My girlfriend got her bike stolen after 3 days and we want to go against bike theft. We are currently reviewing existing gears. I remember you have those special lock system that can only be unlock with a special key. Are these Pinheadlocks ?

    Keep on the great work and next trip choose America over Oceania and Antarctica.

    1. admin Post author

      Kristian! Fantastic to hear you now have a daughter, and are already taking her on long trips!! America’s definitely next on the list (or Canada) so hopefully see you there in the not too distant future…

      My lock is a Pitlock. I’d definitely recommend.
      Lots of love, Max and Emily

  3. Eveline and Christof

    Dear Emily and Max,
    maby you remember us (Christof and Eveline from Germany). We met each other at the 24.04.13 in Slowenia at the Divaca Cave. You tested our recumbent bikes.
    Now the funny fact: Today 29.11 we reached Luang Prabang by Airplane and drove inside the City by Taxi (bikes are still in Cargo) when we saw you both passing us. It was very quickly and there were other passengers in the taxi so we couldn´t stop it. Unbelivable after 6 month.
    We were not as diligent as you are. Our way after we met: Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey flight to Nepal were we stood 2 month and now Laos.
    Good to see you healthy and in good shape. Impressing your route.
    All the best.
    Christof and Eveline

  4. Erica

    Dear Max and Emily,
    let me first say I love this blog and how you kept track of your wonderful trip!
    Me and my boyfriend Peter are going to start our cycle through the silk road in June but we are going to leave from China. I have a couple of specific questions about the visas, maybe you can help me find out the answers:
    *how many pages of your passport did you use for all the Visas in the Stans? -for example everytime I make a new chinese visa then i also need a second page for a stamp, I really don’t want to run out of pages in the middle of the Stans :D -
    *about Uzbekistan Lonely Planet was really specific about all the registration slips that you would need every time you spend more than 2 nights in one city, which is a real trouble for someone like us who wants to rely mainly on camping.
    You didn’t mention anything like that, since that Lp was quite old maybe now things have changed and it’s easier -I really hope so :)
    Maybe we will meet somewhere on the road one day, who knows!
    Wish you guys all the best

  5. Richy O Carroll

    Hey, I’m planning to the same trip from Ireland with a friend. Did you have the stans visas sorted before leaving. btw your blog is amazing, love the detail and colourful language. I’ve read each country snapshot you’ve done. Very inspiring. do you have an email I could shoot a few specific questions? Cheers Richy

    1. admin Post author

      Cheers Richy. We got our visas en route but the situation changes all the time there so worth getting some more up to date advice. Happy to answer any specific questions – drop us a line at max800@gmail.com

  6. Ali

    I am looking for a guy, Tony Brooks, who passed our city in Iran during his route from England to China about 20 years a go.
    May you help me please?


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